Thursday, September 15, 2011

True Grit's Replicas

Writing in True West magazine, Phil Spangenberger notes the special efforts made with the weapons in "True Grit." An excerpt:

Walters got most of the guns needed for the Coen brothers movie from the well-respected replica houses of Cimarron Fire Arms and Taylor’s & Co. Through the use of replicas he was able to simulate many guns as Portis described them in his novel. Rooster Cogburn packs his 7½-inch barreled, plain blued “Peacemaker” Colt (Uberti-made) with walnut grips in a simple cross draw holster (while extra cartridges are carried in a coffee sack). He also carries an 1873 Winchester sporting rifle (Uberti) in his saddle scabbard, while pommel holsters contain a pair of Colt’s 2nd Model Dragoons (Uberti).

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