Monday, September 12, 2011

We are So Sophisticated

"No management basics, please. We want some sophisticated insights. Perhaps some Aztec leadership techniques or the musings of someone who is far outside of the normal realm; a goat herder, perhaps, or a gardener."

"Didn't the Aztecs lose?"

"A fluke of technology. I'm sure we can still learn much from their leadership. We don't want any white bread approaches. We're looking for authenticity, some mud-on-the-feet sort of thing. So much of management is soulless. Find us someone with a magic bullet; a talisman that we can use in hard times."

"I shouldn't have any trouble fulfilling your request."


Bob said...

It's interesting that many people think that something magic will solve all their problems that the mystical will somehow make everything right. There is no easy way, no magic, no singular thing that will make everything work. Life is tough hard work, but to be successful you need to keep moving learning trying new things keep those that you feel work for you, ditch those that don't. But above all allow TIME to learn, TIME to grown, busy busy people immersed in the complexity of day to day micro-culture, fail to see the world around them, have no time to learn and thus no time to grow and develop.

If you take anything from the past is that things took time, time to grow, time to make mistakes, time to grow and learn in little steps, and that people had to work together to make things happen, in organised groups.....etc etc. We often see an ancient culture as the sum of it's achievements, rather than a span of time in which things were achieved....

Bob said...

I thought this might amuse you, the Aztec solution to Climate Change.

Eclecticity said...

Very funny. But where do you get the Aztec hats for role playing though?

All this when a good day on the real power and efficiency (and how to)of delegating (sooooooooo white bread) would have done so much more for the organization. E.