Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book Suggestions

Books make great gifts. Here is a condensed and diverse group of my recommendations:

  • Edward Abbey: "Desert Solitaire"

  • Godfrey Blunden: "The Time of The Assassins"

  • Michael Burleigh: "Moral Combat"

  • Charles Dickens: "Bleak House"

  • Martin Dugard: "Into Africa"

  • Loup Durand: "Daddy" and "Jaguar"

  • Ben Elton: "Dead Famous" and "Popcorn"

  • Alexandra Fuller: "Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight"

  • George MacDonald Fraser: "Flashman"

  • Carl Hiassen: "Tourist Season" and "Skin Tight"

  • Gabriel Garcia-Marquez: "Love in the Time of Cholera"

  • Romain Gary: "The Roots of Heaven"

  • Gwyn Griffin: "An Operational Necessity"

  • John Hersey: "The Wall"

  • Howard Jacobson: "The Making of Henry"

  • Thomas Keneally: "A River Town"

  • Elmore Leonard: "City Primeval"

  • Hilary Mantel: "Wolf Hall" and "Beyond Black"

  • Gerald Seymour: "Rat Run"

  • Paul Theroux: "The Great Railway Bazaar"

  • Rose Tremain: "Restoration" and "The Road Home"

  • Anthony Trollope: "Barchester Towers," "The Way We Live Now" and "The Warden"

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