Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Break Out

Everything won't be in order. There will always be more items to prepare or study. You may sense that tomorrow would be a better time or perhaps even next month. That old companion Failure will be waving to you at the gate and promising to catch up. But if you are wise, you will keep moving and will shrug off the excuses that tug at your elbow. It will not be a short trip and every step will count. Expect delays, frustration, depression, and weariness. They are all part of the journey and those tales of a smooth path are myths. Watch the sky. Listen to the world and enjoy the small things. Savor your progress. This is your time.

Use it.


Kurt Harden said...

Brilliant, Michael. Printed and taped above my desk. I will link to it, send it to colleagues and have my children read it. Thanks.


Michael Wade said...


I'm very glad you liked it.