Tuesday, December 13, 2011

George Costanza, Architect

Those of you who followed the Seinfeld sitcom will recall that hapless George Costanza liked to impress people by telling them that he was an architect. George liked the idea of being an architect. He liked the prestige.

He just didn't want to do the work to become an architect.

So it goes with many of us. We like the idea of being in a position but we don't want to dedicate the evenings and weekends that are necessary to achieve and maintain the position.

If seats in the United States Senate were always filled by appointment, there would be a very long line of applicants. When considering our dreams, it would be wise to ask, "Is this a real goal - one for which I am willing to work extremely hard - or is this a Costanza goal?"


Bob said...

Never let an Architect off the lead unless you have very deep pockets and don't mind living in an upside down tree house.

You know you're doing well when you stop needing a CV.

Michael Wade said...


Some upside down tree houses are winning awards nowadays.