Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knowing the Ropes: 27 Questions

A few things to learn quickly on any job:

  1. How can you make a positive difference?

  2. What will get you fired?

  3. Who are the key players?

  4. What are the alliances?

  5. What are the ongoing competitions?

  6. Where do you learn the most?

  7. Which ball must never be dropped?

  8. What is the jargon?

  9. What goes unpunished by management and yet is frowned on?

  10. Where is Siberia?

  11. Who are the stars?

  12. Why are they stars?

  13. Where is the fast track?

  14. What does it take to get promoted?

  15. Will a path to advancement have to be created?

  16. Which assignments are pluses?

  17. Which are minuses?

  18. What is the boss really like?

  19. What can you learn?

  20. What are the professional backgrounds of people?

  21. Are you in a hole or on a ladder?

  22. Which co-workers will drag you down?

  23. Who knows the most about certain subjects?

  24. What is the real organization chart?

  25. What is a reasonable pace?

  26. How long do people stay in your job?

  27. What are the priorities?

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