Thursday, December 15, 2011


Should have said something, done something, spoken up, told them I disagreed, challenged their arguments, raised the roof, complained, pounded the table, refused to leave until it was addressed, stopped being so damned agreeable, let them know that I knew what was happening, scoffed at their assumptions, stopped being deferential, and pressed the point.

And all in words of one syllable.


Bob said...

Often people get shut down when they try and express an opinion. Eventually they stop trying, or it may suit somebodies ambition to give somebody enough rope and they'll sort themselves out.

These things usually come out when there is a review of a catastrophe, now I have a vision of swiss cheese......

CincyCat said...

Let me guess: The one syllable is "NO!" :)

Along those lines, I participated in my first finance committee board vote where there was not a consensus before voting. (This is new territory for this board...)

The "raising of the roof" was duly recorded in the minutes, but the opposing position won the vote.

We moved forward. It felt good.


Michael Wade said...

Gavin de Becker put it well: "'No' is a complete sentence."