Monday, December 12, 2011

Very Slowly

Take a job that would normally be stressful and rushed and slow it down. Approach each component with care and deliberation. Appreciate the skill of the moment. Take some joy in the doing and keep your mind from drifting to the next task.

When finished, you may discover that you did not spend much more time than usual; indeed, you may even find that you spent less and yet the pleasure was so much greater and the stress was gone.

Sometimes, our worst boss is ourselves.


Dan in Philly said...

What useful advice. I have found that in my job, despite the fact that I constantly generate paperwork, is really done best in my head. Whenever I have to do something new, I delibrately slow myself down, even when I'm pretty sure I understand what needs to be done I'll postpone doing it, and I give it time to percolate in my head for a while.

I have found from experience that when I rush to get things on paper (or computer) I tend to get muddled as to what's really important and what's not. Allowing an idea to cool down brings more focus, and as you mention much less stress. The trivial aspects of the problem tend to fade, and the profound shines through.

Michael Wade said...


"The profound shines through."

Very nicely put.