Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Choice of Dinner Companions

George Washington or Thomas Jefferson? Washington
James Dean or Spencer Tracy? Tracy
Margaret Thatcher or Tony Blair? Thatcher
Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Jobs
Orson Welles or Steven Spielberg? Welles
John Lennon or Elvis Presley? Presley
Mark Twain or Charles Dickens? Dickens
Nelson Mandela or Mikhail Gorbachev? Mandela
Stephen King or Patrick O'Brian? O'Brian
Little Richard or Tony Bennett? Little Richard
Johnny Carson or David Letterman? Carson
Steven Wright or Jerry Seinfeld? Wright
George H. W. Bush or Franklin D. Roosevelt? Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter? Reagan
Robert Duvall or John Travolta? Duvall
Madonna or Enya? Enya
Audrey Hepburn or Scarlett Johansson? Hepburn
Henry Ford or Aristotle Onassis? Onassis


Eclecticity said...

Fascinating post fella. You dream some cool shit up Michael.

If I was honest with myself, I would go with Hepburn too but sitting across from Johansson would be marvelous despite the vacuity of any conversation. In fact, why talk at all? I'm at least old enough to be her father and should be ashamed of myself. E.

Michael Wade said...


Hepburn definitely wins in the style department.