Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From Box to Box

In school, topics are given to us in neat little boxes. That practice lingers long after graduation despite the fact that life throws topics at us in mixtures.

Our task is to sort and weigh their contents in appropriate combinations so sense can be gleaned from the confusion. One issue's solution may require ingredients from the Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Politics, and Business boxes. Another may demand other combinations.

Beware of anyone whose decisions reflect the contents of only one box.


Dan in Philly said...

Do any schools prepare people for life in terms of learning this simple lesson? In my own experience, your metaphor is pretty accurate - school may give us some tools, but don't really teach us how to use them, we have to figure that part out for ourselves.

Michael Wade said...


I'm convinced that much of a well-spent life involves connecting those dots.