Monday, February 11, 2013


Joseph Alsop's ground rule: "when I dress to go out to an old-fashioned luncheon party in Washington, I do my best to suggest a Morgan partner of 1928."

Cultural Offering elaboratesContrary to the ideas promoted by the buffoons at GQ, looking like an idiot is not stylish.  Properly dressed is stylish.  You should dress to stand out by blending in.  Huh, you say?  Stand out by blending in?  Okay, so I am taking liberties with phrasing.  But Alsop makes a similar point above.  Of course he doesn't want to look like an actual Morgan partner from 1923.  He wants to look like you would think he would look if he were a Morgan partner from 1923.  He wants to stand out by looking as though he would blend in properly.  

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