Tuesday, September 01, 2015

First Paragraph

To raise the subject of sin is to provoke the interest and usually the humor of everyone; it is also to discover how limited is the range of humor on the subject. People seem compelled to try to be funny about sin, but the jokes are only variations on the theme that sin is fun, and of course that Lust especially is fun. There are some attempts at merriment about Gluttony, and to a lesser extent about Avarice and Sloth, but there the humor begins to falter. No one seems able to take Envy lightly, the thought of Anger is discomfiting, and that Pride is counted a sin causes mainly bewilderment. Everyone is responding differently to the "warm, disreputable" sins and to the "cold, respectable" ones. 

- From The Seven Deadly Sins Today by Henry Fairlie

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