Thursday, September 03, 2015

Night Work, Night Thoughts

A storm is moving in. I'm in my study at home. The dog is giving guilt-inducing looks because I have not taken her for a walk. [A boom of thunder may have ended that desire.] The Gladiator soundtrack is playing. I'm awaiting a phone call that will sort out a project for a community group. 

The to-do list is being examined. What am I missing? Ah, yes. There are several small tasks that are boring but important. Their boredom-inducing qualities have caused me to overlook them.

And that sparks some thoughts; How many of our time investment (as opposed to time management) challenges are due to a desire to avoid boredom? Does respect for the unpleasant but important chores cause those to rise in priority while the boring but important tasks descend?

Fatigue has long been a neglected subject. Boredom also deserves scrutiny.

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