Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Recalling Pleasures

Hard work followed by relaxation. A cool drink. A well-written sentence. An original insight about something you've seen a thousand times. A call from an old friend. The sound of a loved but forgotten song. The sky at morning and evening. A good dictionary. "The Third Man." The miracle of birds. A visit from a noble dog. Shakespeare. Dickens. The feeling of achievement. The discovery of a solution. Diana Rigg. An evening breeze. The flag flapping in the wind. Jig-saw puzzles. The precision of French. The bubbling of Spanish. Mount Vernon. Beethoven. Mozart. Copland. Bach. Pumpkin pie. The beast-like growl of a Harley. Tom Wolfe.  Fog. Sharpened pencils. Gilbert and Sullivan. That first scent of coffee. Waves on a beach. "Casablanca." A full tank of gas. Watching a skilled brick-layer or carpenter. The crack of a home-run. Chocolate-mint ice cream. The Aubrey-Maturin novels. A slow walk. Gardenias. Gentle rain. The British Museum. Old black-and-white photographs. Fine china. Having the highway to yourself. Old trucks. A game of Scrabble. Fountain pens. Birthday candles. The laugh of a certain someone. 

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