Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Someone Else's Bookshelves

This post by Nicholas Bate makes me long for a picture book showing people's bookshelves.

I'd like to see the shelves of Hemingway, Churchill, Thatcher, Moynihan, Kissinger, Nixon, King, Hitchens, Wolfe, and others. You can learn a great deal about people by perusing their bookshelves. I always check the titles in any photograph in which bookshelves are in the background and even - this is weird - check the titles of bookshelves in furniture stores where the books are present only to produce a certain effect.

Cynics will say, "Anyone can throw a bunch of books on shelves" but I'm still interested in their choices and whether any connection to a particular book can be seen in their conduct. 


MattR said...

I agree - would love to see the shelves of specific people - especially writers and free thinkers.

If you like the book pr0n - then this book is superb :

Harvey Morrell said...

Hemingway's bookshelf in Cuba:

Michael Wade said...

Matt and Harvey,

Many thanks!