Monday, November 27, 2006

Cab Stuff

One man abandoned his drunken girlfriend asleep and told the cabbie that he was leaving her as a tip. Another driver was lumbered with a man wearing only underpants. Other taxi drivers in the capital have reported finding a machinegun, an antique telescope and a bag of diamonds worth £100,000 on the rear seats of their cabs.

London emerged as the quirkiest and most forgetful place from the survey of 2,000 cabbies in 11 cities around the world.

The research was primarily aimed at assessing the quantities of business equipment lost in taxis daily. The survey suggested that, in the past six months alone, 54,872 mobile phones, 4,718 handheld computers, 3,179 laptops and 923 computer memory sticks were left in London cabs.

Find the rest on what gets left in London’s cabs here.

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