Thursday, November 30, 2006

Environmentalism More Hip Than Hippie

From a sustainability point of view, a blog seems highly superior to a book. After all, books consume paper. Timber! Toxic metals and solvents from the inks seep into the environment. Not good. Books require container ships run on fossil fuels to ferry them around the globe, and often arrive in oversize, plastic-bubble-stuffed packages from Bad and just plain wrong.

But take another look at that blog -- on your computer, which itself generated no small amount of chemical waste to produce. Each component was manufactured in a different country, requiring ample fuel to bring it all together. In three years it'll be left for dead at the dump, leaking its own noxious brew into the soil. Ugh.

Book or blog? Paper or plastic? Beef or chicken? After reading Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century, a book based on the popular blog, it's difficult to look at anything in the same way again. Every banal choice becomes freighted with the future of the planet.

Read the rest of Jenn Shreve’s review here.

Also check out: Tech Central Station has an interview with Bjorn Lomborg, the skeptical environmentalist.

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