Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Quiz

Jack Kelly, writing in American Heritage, unearths some odd facts about Thanksgiving. A quick quiz:

1. The tradition of an “official pardon” for the turkey given to the president dates back to (a) Abraham Lincoln; (b) FDR; (c) Theodore Roosevelt; (d) George H. W. Bush.
2. Benjamin Franklin proposed that the turkey be the bird in the official seal of the United States. True or False?
3. Per capita, Americans eat how much turkey each year? (a) 17 pounds; (b) five pounds; (c) 12 pounds; (d) 26 pounds.
4. The two turkeys pardoned last year by President Bush were sent to: (a) The National Zoo; (b) Virginia’s Frying Pan Park; (c) Iraq; (d) Disneyland.

1: d
2: False
3: a
4: d

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