Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our NATO "Allies"

Still another story on the failure of some NATO countries, France and Germany in particular, to commit sufficient troops to combat zones in Afghanistan.

I don't think the leaders of those nations have the slightest sense of how much they have alienated the average American.

On the other hand, the sacrifices and friendship of nations such as Britain, Australia, Poland, and Denmark won't be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Europe alienating Americans? The only reason why NATO still exists is because we can not forget that America helped us in the two world wars, and we are still willing to do the same when America would be under attack (and I don't mean a terroristic one). But as far as I am concerned it is America that is alienating themselves not only from NATO but from the whole wide world. Refusing to sign Kyoto but still be arrogant enough to think that God (of all people) created America to be the policeman of the world (and doing more bad than good in the countries they so called 'liberate') is for me more than a proof of foolishness and stupidity. It is a proof of living on your own fantasy planet, not caring for anything else but themselves and by this behavior being the real alien on this planet called earth (and not called America!s world, America's world party time excellent, schwing!)

Michael Wade said...

Ah, yes. Sophisticated European diplomacy. The same institution that brought us World War II and is succeeding so well today with Iran. The European nations are so dedicated to helping the United States via NATO that they've slashed their defense budgets (You can check the numbers) and couldn't even deal with Kosovo without American help. Their morality involves pretending that liberating people from the fascist Saddam regime is not liberation at all. The same crew howled when Reagan accurately called the Soviet Union an evil empire. Spare us your moralizing. You're bankrupt.