Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Enjoy That Holiday!

A Rasmussen Reports poll (story via Adfreak) indicates that 69 percent of adults prefer the greeting "Merry Christmas" while only 23 percent prefer "Happy Holidays."

"Happy Holidays" has always struck me as something cooked up by a bureaucrat whose job is to drain as much meaning as possible out of a phrase.

Has it ever evoked a warm feeling in any recipient?

As a public service, here is the real meaning behind many "Happy Holidays" greetings:

(a) "I am giving you the politically correct, corporately approved, greeting for a certain season which shall be unnamed. Wink."
(b) "Hey, it sounds better than 'Enjoy Whatever Holiday.'"
(c) "I am a aficionado of the bland."
(d) "I regard you as so fragile and weak that if I say 'Merry Christmas' or a greeting for any other religious holiday you will break into little pieces."

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