Thursday, November 23, 2006

Furniture Store Beats Church

This just in:

The Swedes trust IKEA, Volvo, and Saab more than they do the church.

Why am I not surprised? But who is to blame: the Swedes or the church?

P.S. I know some people who regard going to IKEA as a quasi-religious experience.


Anonymous said...

In the article it says that 80% of swedes are members of the church. I am Danish (no not the pastry) and it is more or less the same in my country. However, this gives a very distorted picture of how many non-atheists there are. Only 5% actually attend church, and most of them are not 'true' believers. Also it is widely recognised that most would not be members if they had to contact the church to re-register to stay members. The same is most likely true in Sweden and it then comes as no surprise that people in general have more faith in companies than the church, because most view the church as a business.

Michael Wade said...


Interesting observation. One of the mistakes made by American churches has been to act more like social service agencies instead of spiritual centers. They then wonder why they lose members even though the vast majority of Americans regard themselves as Christians.