Thursday, November 30, 2006

Don't Recline

Like window-seat lovers and aisle-seat devotees, travelers are split into two philosophical seat-recline camps -- recliners who believe they are entitled to a little more comfort (and perhaps sleep) versus upright travelers who prefer to use their tray tables for reading or working. Battles over cabin space can get nasty, from annoying kicking of the reclined seat to heated arguments. Many tall travelers admit to trying to send a message through a seatback by repeatedly bumping and kneeing the reclining passenger in front, or holding a newspaper up high so it brushes the head of the recliner.

Read the entire Wall Street Journal article here.

My take: Given the fact that airline coach sections resemble cattle pens, unless the seat behind you is unoccupied, it is impolite to recline. I’m 6’2” and when the person in front reclines, it is extremely uncomfortable. And in many years of flying, I’ve never had anyone ask permission before reclining a seat.

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