Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I have been tagged by Evil HR Lady to reveal eight random things about myself.

Since the unusual but true is called for on such lists, here goes:

1. Favorite animal: Elephant. Favorite bird: Vulture. [I know that last one is obvious. Who doesn't like vultures?]

2. Serious addictions: Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series. The Sopranos. Elmore Leonard novels. Aaron Copland. Motion picture soundtracks.

3. First car: 1969 VW beetle. [Should have never gotten rid of it.]

4. Craziest professional best: Teaching in 100 cities in one year. [Upside: I learned a lot about airports.]

5. First job: Mowing lawns. [It still has an attraction. You can actually see what you've accomplished.]

6. Memorable school experience: Being marked down in Roman History class because in an exam essay I continued to refer to "Octavian" after he became Augustus.

7. CDs currently in my car: The soundtrack to The Commitments, Andrea Boccelli's Romanza, and a collection of hits by The Rolling Stones.

8. Currently considering: Either getting a Vespa or winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Other bloggers I'll tag: Eclecticity, Tweblog, Mark Polino, Teri's Brain, Frederick Casagrande, Hootsbuddy's Place, Population Statistic, and Managing Leadership. I was going to list some others but they were already tagged by more energetic colleagues.


Evil HR Lady said...

Vultures? Seriously? They are a much talked about (although I don't know if I'd call them "beloved") creature at the Evil household. The Offspring finds them fascinating.

As for mowing the lawn, I agree with you 100%. You can see defined progress. You know exactly how much you have done and exactly how much you have left.

I also love to use the weed whacker.

Michael Wade said...

The Offspring has exhibited signs of great intelligence and deep sensitivity. While in my early elementary school days, I gained a modest reputation for art class projects with a vulture motif. [Think Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.] My parents were assured that I'd outgrow it.

Hoots said...

I finished my tag list by telling grandchild stories. Unlike vacation slides you can skip them if you find them boring, but to the discerning reader they probably tell as much about me as they do the grandchild.
Thanks for the tag. Some time I'll get you back.

vietnamcatfish said...

A friend of hoots. I like the vulture and elephant as choices. Where would Tarzan have gotten without Simba? Ungawwa! My first car was a 63 Beetle. Wore out when I never checked the oil. And, yes, there is always a satisfaction with mowing the lawn. Consider moonlighting as a barber or hair stylist-to get that same adrenaline rush.

Frederic Casagrande said...

Thanks for the tag Michael. Did my homework :)