Monday, April 07, 2008

Book Tag

I'm embarrassed to say that I just learned of the fact that Political Calculations put me on a tag list querying what is on some bloggers' book shelves.

Aside from a stack of books for review, here are some of the books that I'm currently reading or about to read:

Five That I'm Currently Reading

Beat the 2008 Recession by Nicholas Bate

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

The Conquest of Apacheria by Dan L. Thrapp

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Tracker by Tom Brown, Jr.

Seven That I'm About to Read

World on Fire by Amy Chua

Reclaiming Higher Ground by Lance H.K. Secretan

Results-Based Leadership by Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger, and Norm Smallwood

Mastering Change by Ichak Adizes

The Force of Reason by Oriana Fallaci

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright


Anonymous said...

I am delighted that you will be reading my book "Reclaiming Higher Ground: Creating Organizations that Inspire the Soul". You may also be interested in my latest work called "ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership" - see
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Michael Wade said...


I've already delved into parts of your book and will definitely be getting your latest one.