Thursday, April 10, 2008

Music Challenge

An amusing challenge from Cultural Offering regarding what's on my iPod.

An eye-what? I don't have one of those new-fangled things. But here are the CDs that are closest to my player at the moment:

Aaron Copland's Danzon cubano and his El salon Mexico;
Carlos Chavez's sinfonia india;
Maria Callas La Divina;
the soundtrack to Amelie; and
Dave Brubeck's Time Out.

[Thank God that Slim Whitman CD disappeared.]


Kurt Harden said...

I ask questions like that so I know what to buy next.

Michael Wade said...

Quick recommendation: Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic, Latin American Fiesta. The Amelie soundtrack is also great.

Eclecticity said...

Freak'n Renaissance Men! ;-) E.

Kurt Harden said...

recommendation taken. Eye Pod loaded and synching. Leonard is now mine.