Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Which is Most Dangerous to a Career?

I realize this is a tough choice but which of the following would you say is most dangerous to a young person in the beginning stages of a career?

  1. Abrasiveness.

  2. Transparent ambition.

  3. Occasional incompetence.

  4. Inappropriate joking.

  5. Inappropriate clothing.

  6. Sloth.

  7. Lack of initiative.

  8. Sarcasm.

  9. Negative attitude.

  10. Inadequate training.


Alison said...

Great question. I'd say negative attitude and abrasiveness, followed by sloth. I can live with all the rest (and even expect some of it in young people just starting out).

Unknown said...

There are some tough choices here. I start with a negative attitude as well, followed by sloth. The lack of training can really derail some talented people as well. Some of the others, like abrasiveness, mean that they usually have to be extremely talented for it to be tolerated.

Scooter0101001 said...

Inadequate training.

To be crass, "Monkey See Monkey Do".

Anonymous said...

Lack of initiative.

Eclecticity said...

Sloth since it's one of the 7 deadly. It has to be the worst right? E.

Eclecticity said...

Is this going to be on the final?

Rowan Manahan said...

Nasty one Professor Mike!

My thought was to try and classify each of the problem areas:
1. Attitude
2. Attitude
3. Knowledge gap
4. Cluelessness
5. Cluelessness
6. Instinctual Tendency
7. Cluelessness
8. Cluelessness
9. Attitude
10. Knowledge gap

In ascending order, I would say knowledge gaps can be filled relatively easily, cluelessness is usually ameliorated by age and experience, attitude problems are real problems, but an instinctual tendency - sloth in this case - is a serious hardwired issue.

Even if the individual learns that his/her slothful ways are not acceptable in the professional world, it is highly unlikely that (s)he will be capable of 'rewiring' his/herself. Nature will out ...

Michael Wade said...

Great comments! My own initial take was that a negative attitude would do the most damage since it can also prevent the correction of other poor conduct. Your comments, however, have encouraged further thought.

Anonymous said...

I like Rowan's breakdown. I chose "lack of initiative" since I think that can become sloth. Sloth was number two for me.