Saturday, April 12, 2008

Power Signals

Who gets to sit? Who gets to stand?

Who is called by the first name? Who is given a title plus the last name?

Who carries a briefcase? Who has others to carry the paperwork?

Who orders the drafting of the document? Who has to write it?

Who visits? Who awaits?

Who has the corner office? Who has the cubicle?

Who has a wooden desk? Who has a metal one?

Who has a real plant? Who has a plastic one?

Who has a reserved parking place near the main entrance? Who walks in from the company lot?

Who gets the coffee? Who orders it?

Who is in short sleeves? Who is in long?

Who has a nameplate on the office door? Who has one on the shirt? Who needs neither?

Who has to shout to be heard? Who can murmur?


Anonymous said...

Great post, Michael. It brought back memories. During my corporate period, I worked in a company with a clear set of "rules" about addresses on inter-office memoranda. People at the bottom of the chain were not identified as individuals, only by department. Middle managers were identified by a first initial and last name. Senior managers got two initials. And the CEO got his full name.

Michael Wade said...


That stuff always drives me nuts. I recall Michael Korda describing how brass water pitchers were the status symbol in one organization. If you didn't get one, you were in a lower caste.