Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

"Obviously forged": Rob Long has some Onion News Network footage on conspiracy theorists.

The job of finding a job: Some advice on job searches.

Relevant danger: Is stress killing bloggers? [HT: Drudge Report]

TIME wonders:
Affirmative Action for boys? [HT: Real Clear Politics ]

Vulnerability to terrorism...in Boise?

Headwinds at General Motors.

General Petraeus on Iraq.

Peter Harkness sees a silver lining to distressed state governments.


Pete Warden said...

The MSNBC link for the Boise story is broken, but it's available with registration at the Washington Post site as:

There's a registration-free version up on the Houston Chronicle site too:

Michael Wade said...


Aargh. Thanks for catching that!