Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Team Vibrations

Before your team members go into that client meeting, be sure to have them read this post from Cultural Offering. An excerpt:

I often look at people other than the presenter during sales pitches. I'm amazed at how often they will give away a potential problem with their looks as their presenter touches on some topic.

Once a member of our team was having a problem with something being said by our presenter in response to a question. She made a sound, starting to interrupt and it was picked up by one of the people we were presenting too. He pointed at her and said "do you have a problem with that answer?" It wasn't a huge deal, but it added a wrinkle to the presentation and is one of the reasons that I usually limit the number of people participating in sales presentations to those necessary and sufficient to lay out the information, make the organizational commitments and close the deal.


Anonymous said...

Although maybe not specific to the situation, I think this goes along with a piece of advice given me by a former mentor of mine - "Praise publicly, criticize privately."
There's no reason to paint "bulls eyes" on people - especially if they're on your own team!

Michael Wade said...

Well said. I like frank and vigorous arguments behind the scene and then, unless a course of action is unethical, a closing of ranks once a decision has been made.