Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bubble People

Writing in The Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson discovers a new dimension:

My first glimpse of the personasphere came several years ago at a county fair. It was like all county fairs, an all-American overload of colored lights and hurdy-gurdy noise and questionable smells. I'd always thought it was an experience that nobody could be bored by. Then I saw a gaggle of four teenage girls walking together along the midway. They were yacking away, as teenage girls, you might have noticed, sometimes do-but they were yacking into their cell phones. Walking four abreast, they were huddled in their personaspheres, each in her customized bubble, talking to someone who was far away instead of the friends that plan or chance had placed beside her. They were lost not only to one another but to the noise and color around them.


Unknown said...

You are right on the mark. You see it everywhere. Parents too busy talking on their phones to pay attention to their child in the shopping cart in front of them. Sales people checking customers out while talking on the phone to a friend. Customers on phones ignoring sales people who are trying to help them. Drivers talking and texting instead of paying attention to their driving. Even employees texting friends at a company event while the CEO is talking - even thanking them for what they have done. Bubble people! It will be a true shock to them to actually experience real life and the world one day. Stop and smell the roses was never soooooo true!

Michael Wade said...


I always wonder how many of those calls are truly necessary and how many of them are welcome to the person on the other end. We may be witnessing pests at work!