Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cancer Fighters from The Blob?

In 1995, a flock of migrating snow geese stopped at the massive pond for a rest, and at least 342 of them died there. Authorities now use firecrackers and loudspeakers to scare away migrating waterfowl, but there have been a few smaller die-offs nonetheless. Also, on certain mornings, a sinister mist creeps out of the Pit and wraps its tentacles around the streets of Butte.

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Anonymous said...

Some strange irony that we find a possible cure for one of our most deadly diseases in the thick waters of the most toxic soup.
With only toxins themselves available to us - chemotherapy and radiation - I can only hope that a solution can be offered as soon as possible. With fewer side effects as well.

Michael Wade said...


You're right. It is a strange irony and all of us can hope for an early solution.