Thursday, July 10, 2008

Extraordinary: Coca-Cola and Africa

Coca-Cola says it is the largest private-sector employer in Africa. Its system of distribution, which moves the sugary drink from bottling plants deep into slums and the bush a few crates at a time, may employ around 1m Africans.

Read the rest of The Economist story on Coke's impact .


Anonymous said...

The comments in the article are very interesting. From the following:

"Also, the Coke has become a symbol of the West: It exploits local environments and peoples for its own benefits, and then cites a little statistics to "prove" that it is doing good.

When the colored man is truly free, their will be no more exploiting Coke companies in his land."


"During the Mozambique floods, thousands of people survived from the water filtration system provided by the local Coke bottler."

One can see the how divisive such a company, so strongly associated with America, is. I think most economists would win any argument claiming that increased coke sales is a good thing. And yet, a sizable percentage of the world resists it just because of strong feelings about America.

Food for thought.

Michael Wade said...


We are seeing some results of the anti-free enterprise mentality in Zimbabwe.