Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sing. Dance. Make Lemonade.

Stanley Bing has issued a call to action for financial web sites: Start getting upbeat! An excerpt:

The last time this happened to our economy, the public had one great solution to the challenge of keeping the national spirits up: stupid movies. This explains the entertainments that were popular between 1929 and World War II. Screwball comedies. Musicals featuring concentric circles of feathered women dancing, swimming. Horse operas.

The Internet now faces a similar opportunity which, if not taken at its crest, may lead to the demise of the medium. This is most true, I think, of financial websites, which may, if they are not careful, assume the role of the cranky old uncle at the wake who sits in a chair in the corner and refuses to get drunk with the rest of the mourners.


Unknown said...

Hey there. Thanks for linking to my website!


Michael Wade said...


You're welcome. I'm still smiling over your book about Rome.