Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Time Killers

  • Television: Multiple channels of mind-numbing trash. Turn it off and read a book.
  • The Internet: Now the world is a playground...or a bad neighborhood.
  • People who won't get to the point: Please give me the third paragraph first.
  • Automated telephone systems that force you to listen to seven options before - perhaps - letting you talk to a real person: An added insult is when the gaps are filled with recorded messages about customer service.
  • Most weekly staff meetings: The best ones last 10 minutes max.
  • Sunday political talk shows: Okay, you're not in church but do you deserve this hell?
  • State of the Union addresses: Let's go back to the days when it was a written report.
  • The opposing party's response to the State of the Union: Sequels are seldom as good as the original.
  • PowerPoint presentations: Spare me the thirty slides. Very few of these extravaganzas are superior to a knowledgeable presenter and a flip chart or overhead projector.
  • Cell phones: Are most of those calls truly necessary? Let's try better thinking through inaccessibility.

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