Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Which Details?

Focus on the big stuff and you'll get zapped by the details. Our fear of micromanaging can cause us to overlook snares that could bring down a moose.

But the question then becomes: Which details? Spending time on trivia makes no sense. How can we sort out the minor from the meaningful?

Here are some points to consider:

  1. If not addressed by you, will the item be adequately addressed by another person?
  2. If the item is not addressed by anyone, will that omission be caught within a reasonable amount of time?
  3. If the item is not addressed, will the impact be noticeably negative and embarrassing or will it simply be a "behind the scenes" irritation?
  4. Is your input needed in order to put a particular spin or stamp on the product; one that is not yet known by your associates?
  5. Is it possible that your associates will do a better job without your assistance or that withholding your involvement will build their skills?
  6. Is it possible that, even though your involvement would be helpful, your time is better spent elsewhere?
  7. Have you sufficiently narrowed your involvement to particular key points or are you reopening the entire project?

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