Friday, January 23, 2009

At Least Aretha Was Live

Pretend that you are in charge of the presidential inaugural ceremonies.

What would have been your decision on this?

[HT: Althouse ]


DarkoV said...

For all of the reasons listed, I think the decision to go the pre-recorded route was the correct decision.
I think something should have been mentioned prior or immediately after the performance as to the "non-played" aspect of the "live" performance. You know this was going to come out anyway; why delay the announcement except to enjoy the masochistic egg on your face that was guaranteed to be served shortly after.

Come on Yo Yo!? You really wanted to be grouped along with Milli Vanilli and Ashlee Simpson?

Cultural Offering said...

Fine to do IF the information about pre-recorded music is released as a program note prior the the event.
But that step raises the following question: "Why is it important to have Yo Yo Ma pretend to play?" The answer is that it isn't. Have the quartet play during the lunch. Problem solved.
I will not draw the next generalized conclusion in a spirit of support (and hope) for the new administration.

Hoots said...

Having played in marching bands I can assure you that clarinets and cellos do not sound good at freezing temperatures even when played by the best musicians. I told my wife as we watched that scene there was no way what we were hearing was what they were playing.

The Chinese did it (and video as well) at the opening of the Olympic games. And several years ago I noticed a lot of cars at a recording studio near my cafeteria. When I asked the owner the next day what they were doing I learned they were recording a soundtrack for the lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Atlanta the next week. Five church choirs! (He said it was a backup recording in case of a technical glitch. Riiight.)

Come to think of it, how different is it from wrestling? Or telling a Senate committee with a straight face that not paying payroll taxes for three years was an honest "mistake"?