Saturday, January 24, 2009

California's Problem?

Shannon Love believes California may have passed the tipping point:

This is the condition that California and other states with powerful public-sector unions find themselves in. California has ~2.3 million unionized government workers and ~18.6 million civilians. With so many people organized with a laser-like focus on increasing taxes and spending, the private working citizens of California find it nearly impossible to prevent government workers from voting their own paychecks.

In effect, government workers have hijacked democracy. Instead of state employees working for the people, the people now work for the state employees. As far as the state government is concerned, people in the private sector work merely so that they can be taxed for the benefit of the tax consumers. They’ve entered a condition not unlike like that of pre-industrial serfs.

[HT: Instapundit ]


Eclecticity said...

Fascinating and sad.Sometime you can't go home, nor would I want to. E.

Michael Wade said...

It is sad. A lesson in how to screw up a great state.