Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nonjudgmentalism Update: "Che"

So Che tiptoes around both the atrocities and the ideology that are central to the guerrilla leader's life. Soderbergh can't feign ignorance — he claims to have spent years researching Che for the film. And what did he discover during that time? I could hazard a guess, but, conveniently, Soderbergh's already informed us himself: "He was a hardass! This is what I learned." A voice in the crowd shouts back that Che was a murderer. "OK, fine," Soderbergh responds, which ought to tell you something: "OK, fine," is the response I might give when the bartender tells me he's out of my favorite whiskey, not what I say when someone tells me that a person I just complimented is a murderer.

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