Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Employees Don't Go to HR

There must be one out there but I've yet to find an astute Human Resources director who could honestly declare, "Our employees have no reluctance to come to us with their problems."

Here are some reasons why employees don't want to go to HR:
  1. HR is a notorious gossip-mill.
  2. HR lacks the clout to take on an abusive department head.
  3. HR's first tendency is to side with the organization and rarely with the employees.
  4. HR cannot - or will not - protect employees against retaliation.
  5. HR is more interested in being right than in doing right.
  6. HR lacks the expertise to solve the problem.
  7. HR is a mysterious and distant group and its members are seldom seen out in the field.


Anonymous said...

HR also secretly, or openly, is an informer to the business head too. But some of them are good at first level screening.

Destination Infinity

Unknown said...

Very true, especially the mysterious and distant part. It's a shame, because HR could be a great resource for the department heads that are strong on technical knowledge but weak on the interpersonal side.