Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Wishes to President Obama

Barack Obama is a sort of mystery.

Some of his most ardent supporters insist that he will take the nation in direction A while others feel it is obvious that he'll go in direction Z.

At least one of these groups is in for a surprise.

My modest hope is that this highly capable man will be treated with more decency, fairness, and courtesy than was his predecessor. That, in itself, will be a major step forward.

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Cromagnum said...

Jim Treacher said it best in his congratulatory comment for Obama: "Gratefully, everyone told Bush, “Enough.” New times! Change! Obama makes me incredibly elated!"
(read the acronym)

As for your 'modest hope', the Media will be happy to fulfill your every wish. Every mistep will be excused, every error rewritten, every speech will be as vapid as the paper it was written on.

I will just gird my loins for 4 years. And keep an eye out for Galt.