Saturday, February 21, 2009

Customer Service in Hard Times

Business Week examines customer service in a shrinking economy. An excerpt:

But the best performers are actually doing more to safeguard service in this recession. Bruce D. Temkin, principal analyst for customer experience at Forrester Research (FORR), says about half of the 90 large companies he recently surveyed are trying to avoid cuts to their customer service budgets. "There's some real resilience in spending," says Temkin.

That's especially true for many of the winners of our third annual ranking of Customer Service Champs. Top performers are treating their best customers better than ever, even if that means doing less to wow new ones. While cutting back-office expenses, they're trying to preserve front-line jobs and investing in cheap technology to improve service.

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Larry Sheldon said...

This is, among other things, one of "the small signals" you wrote about.

When competent companies fall on hard time, their customers do to.

Their customers want to be assured of the value that they purchased, that it will be supported, before they buy any more.

Ask me about Gateway Computers.