Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slowing Down

Let us beware of speed.

Fast cars, fast computers, BlackBerries, faxes - all facilitate our rush to disaster. We are addicted to getting many things done early that shouldn't be done at all. The fast experience is rarely as pleasurable as the slow one and we miss much along the way.

There are three villains that, when combined, conspire to produce bad acts: Speed, Impatience, and Fatique. We often cannot spot the effects of Fatique, but the first two can be controlled. Before firing off messages and projects, we should place them in a decompression chamber and revisit them a day or at least several hours later. That will not eliminate the danger, but it will reduce the likelihood of a irrevocable mistake. Furthermore, slower action will evoke an atmosphere of calm deliberation.

And that sort of workplace is very pleasant indeed.

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