Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finding the Zone

There is always something to do and often it is more productive, more meaningful, and even more enjoyable than what we are currently doing.

To hell with it.

If we constantly measure our lives against such standards, then productivity, meaning, and pleasure become oppressive. Those items, of course, can also be mutually exclusive. Always having to read faster, write better, complete projects ahead of time, and rapidly seize upon the key points is a self-imposed form of torture.

Much of our development occurs when we are away from the nagging self-improvement regimen. Our mind and perspective is refreshed. We can celebrate the Freedom of Not as in:

  • Not worrying about problems on the other side of the globe or the other side of town;
  • Not having to turn every hour into a showcase of productivity; and
  • Not having an opinion on every "major" topic.

Creating a zone of indifference into which certain troublesome demands and problems can be tucked is not only beneficial for our mental health, but also essential if we are to be free. We don't want a Nanny State. Why assume that oppressive role for ourselves?

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Eclecticity said...

One for your second book.