Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Magazine Quiz

Here's the rule:

Pretend that you can wolf down as many books as you wish and there are no limits on TV and radio, but you can read only one magazine.

There are many excellent ones out there. Each has its own distinctive features. But which would be your sole choice?

My pick: Commentary magazine. [Their web site is marginal, but the magazine is great.]

Your turn.


Eclecticity said...

In my life I have subscribed to the following:

Foreign Affairs
National Review
The American Spectator
The New Criterion
First Things
The New Oxford Review
The Weekly Standard
PC Magazine
Fast Company

Today it would probably be "MAD"

Apdirtybird said...

The Atlantic Monthly. If I get a quarterly journal too, then The American Scholar.

DarkoV said...

I'd have to go with The New Yorker as they've done a commendable job on their web site, what with a lot of the regular writers maintaining up-to-date blogs. Just wish they offered more free access to their cartoons....

Larry Sheldon said...

Cook's Illustrated.

Cultural Offering said...

Toss up between Forbes and National Review. So Field and Stream?