Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sundays Off

Call me Sloth.

Barring hospitalization, computer and connection problems, or some other extraordinary event, my practice since beginning this site has been to post every day.

I'm now going to post every day but Sunday.


Cultural Offering said...


Anonymous said...

I say good for you!

Anonymous said...

You're still the most prolific and enlightening leadership writer.

Deron Schriver said...


Christian Toto said...

Bravo. Wish I could be so bold ... I feel like my site's traffic will stumble and bumble if I take any sort of break. Or maybe I'm a blogaholic!

Michael Wade said...

Thanks for all of the kind comments.

Deron: Too true!

Christian: That may be the case in the gap of a week or two but I doubt if it will happen with a day a week. James Lileks takes off weekends and it doesn't seem to have hurt his blog traffic. You're right though: we may be blogoholics!