Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Effective Leader Knows

An effective leader knows:
  1. Which rules can - and sometimes should - be broken.
  2. Which rules should never be broken.
  3. When to engage and when to back off.
  4. What to ignore.
  5. What is not known.
  6. The general direction of success.
  7. The general direction of failure.
  8. When to change course.
  9. Where the snares are hidden.
  10. Which opponents have valid points.
  11. Which allies are secret opponents.
  12. Where leverage may be found.
  13. When the followers are tired or scared or both.
  14. Which colleague needs reassurance.
  15. Which colleague needs to be removed.
  16. When to jump down the chain of command.
  17. When to be firm.
  18. How to delegate.
  19. How to communicate.
  20. Which priorities really matter.
  21. How to say no.
  22. How orders are altered as they seep through the ranks.
  23. How to convey a deeper meaning.
  24. When to close debate.
  25. When to expand debate.
  26. When to micromanage.
  27. What to measure.
  28. What to reward.
  29. How to nudge.
  30. How to build alliances.
  31. How to create a sense of urgency.
  32. How to discipline.
  33. How to command loyalty.
  34. How to inspire.
  35. How to set enduring values.
  36. How to give credit to others.
  37. How to be caring without being soft.
  38. How to retain humility.
  39. When to go and see.
  40. When to be reserved.

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Hayli @ RiseSmart said...

Great post, Michael! Someone comes to mind who fits this list, and I think I'm going to try to model their behavior henceforth.