Monday, February 23, 2009


I recently attended a meeting in which some people were recovering from a cold or some other sneezing/hacking-related illness.

The meeting went well. Only the healthy people shook hands. People stayed back from one another. In other words, there was consideration for the healthy.

And that reminded me of an incident in a small bookstore. One associate at the front desk. No one else to check out the customers. When the front desk clerk wasn't sneezing, she was blowing her nose.

I walked out.

Now I confess to being a tad sensitive regarding germs so my reaction may have been excessive. [I returned to the same store a week later and made my purchase from a healthy sales clerk.]

But tell me, have you ever walked out of a restaurant or store because one of the staff members seemed to be ill?

Does management, in the cases where it has an option, consider that having a sick person in a key customer contact position is not doing the customers any favor? Does it care?

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