Thursday, May 07, 2009

7 Ways to Make Matters Worse

No matter how bad things get, here are some time-tested strategies for making them worse:

  1. Fail to get rest. Fatique will cloud your judgment and diminish your courage.
  2. Isolate yourself. Shunning the advice and company of others harms your morale and your perspective.
  3. Exaggerate the dangers. This is a tricky one because some dangers are all too real. In most cases, however, they are not as great as our imagination would make them.
  4. Don't prioritize concerns. By failing to assign priorities, all matters may seem pressing.
  5. Don't ask for help. Pile as much stress as possible on your shoulders.
  6. Don't marshal your resources. There are tools at your command. What are they?
  7. Place undue emphasis on matters beyond your control. Doing so builds a house for worry.

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