Thursday, May 07, 2009

Buying "American"

Matthew J. Slaughter examines just what defines "an American car":

What exactly makes a car "American?" Does it mean a car made by a U.S.-headquartered company? If so, then it is important to understand that any future success of the Big Three will depend a lot on their ability to make -- and sell -- cars outside the United States, not in it. A big reason Chrysler has fallen bankrupt is its narrow U.S. focus. It has not boosted revenues by penetrating fast-growing markets such as China, India and Eastern Europe. Nor has it lowered costs by restructuring to access talent and production beyond North America.

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Anonymous said...

There was an interesting test done years ago by an automotive industry trade magazine. It asked people to choose which of 4 cars were considered to be American cars based on then US trade & laws. (that a certain % of all design, manufacture and assembly be American)

1) Chevrolet Camaro
2) Dodge Stealth
3) BMW Z3
4) Nissan Altima

Chevrolet Camaro was considered an import as its only assembly plant was in Canada

Dodge Stealth is an import - it was a re-badged Mitsubishi

BMW Z3 - American - designed in CA (if I recall) and manufactured in KY

Altima - American - again designed in CA and manufactured in TN