Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Above and Beyond

Great customer service is often characterized by something being done that didn't have to be done.

So it is with much of life.

Being kinder than necessary may be more necessary than we realize.


DarkoV said...

All too very true.
My wife and I are very big supporters of rail travel.
Well, the idea of rail travel. Our recent dealings with Amtrak and a simple thing like changing reservations led us to believe, once again, that perhaps the idea of rail travel, at least on the East Coast, is still an idea.
IMHO, with all types of travel, customer service is the oil that prevents the wheels of movement form seizing. Southwest Airlines is the perfect example of non-seizement. Amtrak is the perfect example of...well, of a company that isn't Southwest.
If Joe Biden does ANYTHING of significance while carrying out his VP duties, I hope it's to promote the idea of customer service at Amtrak as the main reason that Amtrak will survive.
As you so eloquently put it, getting to a level where something is "being done that didn't have to be done."

And, in these tough economic times, what sanely run company would not strive for this philosophy?

Michael Wade said...


I think a whole lot of people share your hope that Amtrak's performance will some day match our image of rail travel.